BFBLACK is a opaque black adhesive-coated film, which is self-healing at ambient temperature and specially developed for decorating and protecting metal roofs of cars. Its excellent shock-absorbing* properties protect your bodywork against insects and scratches caused by washing brushes, etc. Glossy surface finish.

 760, 1520

These widths and lengths are not available in all countries. Please enquire for further details.

Deep Black Gloss
Silicone-coated PET
155 microns

Conformable product developed for decorating and protecting* metal roofs of vehicles against insects, bird droppings, tree resins, scratches caused by washing brushes, etc.
To facilitate application, HEXIS have several types of squeegees in its range of accessories, ranging from softer to harder (plastic or felt).
For more information on the application method of BF BLACK, please refer to the Application Guide on the “Professionals” pages, category “Solar and safety films” on our site

The HEXIS «BODYFENCE» warranty applies to the Bodyfence range of products (excluding accessories), which are used, transformed and implemented in accordance with the requirements stated in the HEXIS technical data sheets and application guides.

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