HEXIS TRAINING has set up a network of approved installers to offer its customers a high-performance and responsive service.

It is for you and the end customer, the guarantee of successful work according to professional requirements and in accordance with a clearly defined ethics, thus establishing a chain of trust between HEXIS, you and the end customer.


To integrate the HEXIS network certified installers, the participant will be evaluated on his technicals skills and knowns. Advantages of the certifications: referencing on our website communication tools reserved for the network, discounts on the material and accessories, …

For further details, please check our dedicated website : www.hexis-training.com. You’ll find all the steps for the BODYFENCE certification. Just follow them and submit your application.

BODYFENCE Network / Distribution

hrough diversification and the high added value of technical films, BODYFENCE has taken up the challenge of globalisation and today exports half of its production all around the world thanks to its 7 subsidiaries (FRANCE, GERMANY, SPAIN, ITALY, SWEDEN, FWI, AUSTRALIA) and its distributors : 50 distributors supply 85 other countries around the world.